Car Rental Terms & Conditions


Moatoga Rentals hereby rents the vehicle described to the aforementioned renter; subject to all Terms and Conditions of this rental agreement in consideration of which Renter acknowledges and agrees that; 

  • The word ‘day’ as used herein shall mean as the elapsed time of 24 hours. The minimum rental period is one day. Customer shall pay for excess hours in accordance with given late return fees below; 
    • Small Car – 35 WST/hour
    • SUV – 45 WST/hour
    • Van (8 seater) & Double Cab – 55 WST/hour
  • Customer will return the vehicle in the same condition with tools, tyres, accessories and equipment as an extra cost (incl. cleaning fees, petrol costs, damage costs, missing parts costs) will incur if the condition of vehicle shows otherwise. Cleaning fee is 40 WST unless shown an unreasonable amount of stains, odour or dirt which will incur a fee of 50 WST plus cost of 1-day loss of income. 
  • The owner has the right to take away the rented vehicle; 
    • Driven by unregistered drivers
    • Driven under the influence of alcohol and drugs 
    • Unlimited Speed
  • Owner is not liable for loss or damage to any property left, stored or transported by the customer or any other person in or upon rented vehicle either before or after the  return thereof to Owner 
  • Should the hired vehicle be involved in any accidents during the rental period, the customer is liable for all cost of damages to the owner and any third parties involved. 
  • The Hirer acknowledges that they shall be liable for insurance excess of 3500.00 WST that will be paid to the owner for damages.
  • All drivers must be 21 years or over and have a valid license (Temporary driver’s license or Samoan License). Please note that you have to purchase a “Samoan Temporary License” at 21.00 WST per license which we can do in our office when you pick up the rental car.
  • To extend the length of your rental. Please contact us before the expiry time to ensure damage protection is in place. 
  • At any point of time, if the vehicle breakdown due to driver’s negligence, flat battery, tire puncture, petrol tank, loss of keys, keys locked in car or any other breakdown, not due to vehicle maintenance or wear and tear, a nominal fee of 100 WST is charged against the customer.  
  • Be careful of overheating engines in this climate as it may cause severe engine damage which you will be held accountable for.
  • Cancellation Fee of the Total Cost during the rental period of the rented vehicle will apply for all cancellations. Long term/special rate is disregarded if return early as normal rate will apply with cancellation fee.